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Permalinks and SEO

SEO LinksHeadway Videos has a simple explanation of what a permalink is and how to control WP settings for best SEO effectiveness. When you are setting up a new WP site this one of the first settings you should change. If you start your site and then change your URLs later, search engines will have potentially indexed ugly, non-user friendly, non-SEO links to your pages and then have to figure out what you changed. So get it right from the start with this nice video.

It is quite an old post but it still meaningful today.


  • Thanks for this link. True enough, the field of SEO is very dynamic. You continue to discover new tips, strategies and techniques on how to make your SEO initiatives more effective.

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    Definitely still valuable information here! I try to manage my pages so that they will stay intact but difficult to do after months, or even years of building content. Cool post!

  • This is good information! I know that I use permalinks and they have helped me out quite a bit. However, with the latest updates which have went under with the Google it seems to rank fairly well still!

  • No doubt, permalinks are important. Thankfully, there are plugins which can help maintain your indexed pages while Google and other search engines discover your new urls. Change Permalink Helper and Advanced Permalinks are two examples which will do your auto-redirects for you and make the transition easier.

  • Permalinks are definitely an important point in SEO, changing your permalinks could definitely affect your blog/site traffic and search engine position. I think it’s really important to know what you’re doing with your permalinks, changing them drastically without taking care of installing some tools to keep the traffic and redirect the indexed permalink to the new url, search engines are hard to understand sometimes and sites like Google or Bing could take your blog to the last page of results if you change them continuously and careless. Thanks for sharing the info, I’m sure it’ll help lots of SEO newbies.

  • I’m going to go through some of my old blogs that I started when I had no idea what I was doing to see if I can update permalinks on all of them. Thanks for the video.

  • This is great advice, especially for WordPress users who are just starting out and not thinking about the future. It’s better to get things right and the beginning than take a lot of time to change them later.

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    This is great advice but I sure would like to see more examples of how to do it. I spent a long time with ugly links. Once I figured out how to change them they look much better and are more effective. I also think it would be easier for people to sign up to this blog if you made a clear registration link, I had to add wp-login.php to the end of the address to be able to register. I just do not want you to miss out on subscribers.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. Due to the recent WP security issues I have not been advertising the login form, but not that is has cleared up I may change it back.

  • I am new to this and I love blogging. I really find Permalinks confusing and very complicated, thanks so much for the video, it enlightens me on how to use it. I have WP but still figuring out how to start.

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    I’m really interested in starting a blog. Right now I am only writing content and doing the research about how to run the blogg effectively. I love finding videos like this. It provides usefull advice on a topic that I new very little about, and also exposes me to other aspects of the topic (such as alternative ways of forming custom links) at the same time. This video is still relevant, at least to a newcome like me. Thanks for posting.

  • I’m so glad I read this post. I only recently learned about permalinks, but I changed mine from default to month and post, or something like that. I didn’t know that custom was the best way to go, and I would have had no idea what to put in there anyway!

  • Great post. Im trying to discover what works with seo and the like. I think cleaning up my permalinks/urls will be the next logical step. Thanks again for the video.

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